AMC The Walking Dead Rewards
The Walking Dead Fan Rewards Club is a rewards program for the AMC Network's award-winning TV show, The Walking Dead. It was developed in the summer of 2017 and launched concurrently with the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead in October 2017.
The site is currently live at
Lead UI/UX Designer
  • Audience research
  • Creative direction
  • Information architecture
  • UX design
  • UI design
In the summer of 2017, cable network AMC contracted CrowdTwist to design, develop, and host an end-to-end rewards program for their flagship show, The Walking Dead. The program would be powered by CrowdTwist's widgets, which are iFrames that can be customized with CSS to match a client's brand. As the UI/UX designer, my job on this project was to work with AMC to define a creative direction, design each page of the program, and provide expertise on how to best use CrowdTwist technology to provide an enriching and smooth experience for program members.
I began by interviewing the clients in order to find out more about the type of program they wanted to build. The more I could learn about their needs and their audience's needs, the better I could customize the design for them.
Some of the questions I asked the client:
  • What are your goals for your rewards program?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is it about your product that keeps your audience coming back?
  • Who are the stakeholders and decision makers for this project?
  • What should the design look like? What feelings should it convey?
After conducting research into the target audience and defining goals for the project, I created wireframes for each page of the site.
Some wireframes from early on in the process.
Creative Direction
After interviewing the client about how they wanted the program to look and feel, I came up with multiple approaches for the creative direction.
The two approaches purposefully went in different directions (dark vs light, square vs angled) in order to give the client distinct choices.
In the end, we went with a look that adhered more closely to the existing The Walking Dead website.
Product Screenshots
Splash page
Logged in home page
Activities page
A list of rewards
Reward details

CrowdTwist successfully launched the project in time for the Season 8 premiere. The program exceeded the targeted number of member joins in the first week and growth has been steady throughout Season 8.
We were able to appeal to our main target audience, the hardcore fan who tunes in every week at the live broadcast time. Our research showed that these fans care most about once-in-a-lifetime experiences (tickets to events, visits to the set, etc.) and one-of-a-kind merchandise signed by cast members. To address this, we pushed those types of rewards front and center and found that they attracted the most interest among reward members. The response from fans has been very enthusiastic, with people showing off their hard-earned rewards on social media.
A sample of tweets from program members using the hashtag #twdrewards.
We were also able to pivot to meet the needs of the various client stakeholders. As stated above, the creative direction changed midway through the project, as the client ultimately wanted a look that was more in line with the main The Walking Dead website. After some revisions, the stakeholders were happy with the direction and we were approved to launch.
The design that we decided on was on-brand and pushed the limits of CrowdTwist's widget technology. The use of vivid, full-bleed photography juxtaposed with dark, gritty textures showcased the dynamic visual style of the show and its characters. In addition, the color palette, typography, and iconography all fit in well with the established brand, making the rewards program feel very much like an authentic The Walking Dead experience.
Meeting an aggressive timeline
As it was imperative to launch the rewards program in time for the Season 8 premiere, this project had an usually hectic schedule. A first of its type for CrowdTwist, this custom-built program was designed, developed, tested, and launched in just under three months.
Communicating and collaborating with multiple stakeholders
Because The Walking Dead is such an important and lucrative brand for AMC, many different departments and stakeholders had a say during the design and development of The Walking Dead Fan Rewards Club. The creative direction changed quite a bit throughout the process, and there were difficulties in getting final approval for some items. In the end, though, we were able to launch the project successfully and on time.