BMW Link
This project was a rebrand of BMW with the goal of using the latest technology to increase user interest and engagement. After completing industry and user research, a campaign was built around the following brand insight: BMW designs the most advanced performance automobiles in the world.

The system, called BMW Link, allows BMW owners to stay connected with their vehicles like never before. Sensors attached throughout each BMW vehicle keep track of all aspects of performance and inventory, including speed, fuel usage, distance traveled, maps, and music library. The campaign consisted of multiple components, including a logo, motion spot, web app, mobile app, and social media integration.

Built around the following brand insight:

BMW designs the most advanced performance automobiles in the world.
Project Components
  • Industry research
  • Video demonstration
  • Web app
  • Motion spot
  • Social media integration
Video Demo

A video demonstration of all of the features of BMW Link. Watch in HD on Vimeo.
Holographic HUD
The revolutionary Holographic Windshield HUD (Heads-Up Display) can be activated to show vital information such as speed and routes directly on the windshield. On BMW-sponsored track days, the HUD can overlay a Ghost Route, which displays the mathematically-determined fastest and most efficient route of the track. This data can be analyzed after the race, providing feedback on how the driver can progress and improve.

Web app
Video and performance data from a recent track event, synced wirelessly from the car to the cloud.

Mobile app
Data can also be accessed on the go with the BMW Link mobile app.
Users can watch their track performance on mobile as well.
Social media integration
Users can connect their BMW Link accounts to Facebook to compare and compete with their friends. Online leaderboards show lap times, track highlights, and other track event data, building a community and encouraging continued engagement among users.

In keeping with the brand insight of advanced performance automobiles, each component of the campaign drew inspiration from futuristic interfaces, sleek concept vehicles, and high-tech machinery.

With the existing BMW logo being such an elegant and recognizable mark, a complete redesign was not needed for this rebrand. Instead, I went with a refresh that matched the modern look and feel of the campaign, while maintaining the character of the original logo.