CrowdTwist Control Center
CrowdTwist is a loyalty and analytics platform that powers rewards programs for clients like Pepsi, AMC, and Marvel. The Control Center is the platform that clients use to set up and manage all aspects of their program. It contains dozens of tools that allow clients to do things like manage inventory, view member information, and schedule point-earning activities.
As the sole product designer at CrowdTwist, I was responsible for the UX and UI for all features within Control Center, as well as the look and feel of the tool itself.
UX/UI Designer
  • Industry and user research
  • Interaction design of product features
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Visual design
  • Establishing and maintaining brand guidelines
Development of a Feature
The process of developing a feature for Control Center takes coordination between multiple stakeholders. In my role as the product designer, I work closely with Product Managers, Client Service Managers, and Developers to create the best possible product. The design process involves user research, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, mockups, and feedback.
An example of wireframes for a campaign tool:
High-fidelity mockups of the tool after several revisions:
Brand Guidelines
I created a style guide and pattern library to document all of the UI elements that go into Control Center. This living document includes examples of typography, colors, buttons, and all other inputs. As Control Center has gone through various UI refreshes, this document has been continuously updated.
Portions of the brand guidelines, with closeups of several UI elements.
Product Screenshots
A dashboard showing an overview of a client's rewards program.
A tool for inventory management.
Finding a solution that works for all clients
Some clients have 10,000 program members, and others have 2 million. These clients will naturally have different needs when managing a rewards program. Because CrowdTwist can't afford to build custom tools for each individual client, my job was to find a way to build tools that were adaptable to fit the needs of a variety of client needs.
Working within constraints
Designers love to imagine building an ideal product, but there are always real world constraints. Whenever I design a feature for Control Center, I inevitably run into time crunches, budget restrictions, or other limitations. My challenge is to determine the best possible solution for the problem at hand given the limitations. We would often have to deliver an MVP and save the advanced features for a later release.