Fantasy Football Interactive Draft Guide
I'm a huge fan of both the NFL and fantasy football. In my 15+ years of playing the game, I've found that research and preparation can make a big difference in my teams' performance, especially before the fantasy draft.
Fantasy football live drafts are usually hectic and nerve-wracking. It's very easy to get lost in a sea of information when trying to make a pick with limited time. That's why I created this Figma fantasy football interactive draft guide to help make the experience smoother and more manageable.
1. Customize Your Rankings
Before your fantasy football draft, open up the Figma file and set your own custom rankings and tiers for each position.
2. Assign Dollar Values
For salary cap leagues, there is the ability to assign custom dollar values to players as well.
3. Mark Players to Target or Avoid
Use the green and red indicators to mark players to target or avoid, respectively.
4. Follow Along During the Draft
Once your draft begins, open up your rankings in Prototype mode to follow along. Cross out players as they're drafted, and use the yellow highlight to mark players that you've picked yourself.
This approach allows you to see the draft board as a whole and identify how many players are remaining in each tier. In this way, you can be sure to find value throughout the draft and avoid reaching for players too early.
I've been using this interactive guide for several seasons now, and I've felt better prepared and informed both before and during the drafts. I'll continue updating and revising this tool in the years to come.
For more, check out the Fantasy Football Interactive Draft Guide on my Figma Community page.