Trusted App Redesign
In late 2022, Trusted Health unveiled a new brand identity, with refreshed typefaces, colors, logos, and iconography. These changes were first seen on the Trusted homepage, and then implemented in the web versions of the nurse-facing product.
I worked with two other designers to implement the new brand guidelines into the existing mobile app. The updated app was released in early 2023.
Problems With The Existing App
Though the web product had been updated to the new styles at the time of the brand refresh, the mobile app was still using the old styles even months later. The two experiences looked completely different, resulting in user confusion and brand inconsistency.
Furthermore, the mobile app was limited in functionality, as it had been built as only a timekeeping app for nurses who were already on a contract with Trusted. Other nurses would download the app and get frustrated that they couldn't search for matches or complete their profile.
Screenshots from the previous version of the app
The goals for this project were to update the mobile app in the following ways:
  • Add new functionality to the app to achieve parity with web product
  • Redesign existing app features to match latest branding and improve UX
New Feature: Profile
Trusted requires clinicians to complete a profile in order to search for jobs. On this page, users add their work history, credentials, and other information in order to submit to hospitals when applying for matches. This feature was previously available only web, and was added in this app redesign.
New Feature: Onboarding
When a clinician signs a contract to work with a hospital, there are dozens of tasks to complete before they're allowed to begin their assignment. The Trusted onboarding team works with each clinician to make sure they provide the proper credentials, test results, identity documents, and other necessary items to the hospital so that they can start their assignment on time.
Onboarding was previously available on web only. By adding the Onboarding feature to the mobile app, we would be able to encourage clinicians to stay on track with their tasks by allowing them to complete tasks conveniently.
New Feature: Matches
The ability to search for new jobs was by far the most commonly requested feature for app users. This had only been available on web, and was a high priority for the company to add to the app so that more clinicians would continue using the Trusted app.
Redesigned Feature: Timekeeping
The Timekeeping feature allows clinicians currently on a contract with Trusted to submit their working hours so that they can get paid. In addition to updating the UI to match the latest branding, I also designed UX improvements like a payment summary and a streamlined image attachment UI.
Task flows for each timekeeping scenario
Redesigned Feature: Messages
The Messages feature enables clinicians to communicate with the Trusted team about their job search, current assignment, past contracts, or anything else related to their Trusted experience. In updating the branding for this feature, I also designed UX improvements like avatars and archived conversations.