CrowdTwist Widgets
CrowdTwist Widgets are embeddable bits of code that can be plugged into existing websites to power a rewards program. They allow clients to quickly and nimbly establish a fully functional program with minimal overhead and assistance. The widgets feature a minimal default look that can be customized using CSS.
CrowdTwist now offers more than a dozen widgets, including an account overview, a list of rewards, a list of activities, and a history. They are in use internationally by clients like Marvel, VIZIO, and TOMS.
UX/UI Designer
  • Industry and user research
  • UX and interaction design (Task flows, sketches, wireframes)
  • UI design (Mockups, interactive prototypes)
  • Maintaining design consistency in a growing collection of features
Design Objective
I have designed each widget from scratch since the beginning of the product. The overarching goal when designing Widgets was to provide clients the flexibility to organize and style their rewards programs the way they wanted. Previous products on the market rigid and limited in their customization options. Prospective clients expressed concerns that their program would look just like someone else's.
With this in mind, I designed a minimal look and feel for each widget that could serve as a starting point for each client to mold to fit their existing brand.
Client Implementations
Marvel Insider
VIZIO Fandemonium
TOMS Passport Rewards
Designing a product for everyone and for no one
Widgets were designed with a default look that could be used out of the box with little customization. Some clients have limited design and development resources and choose to go with this minimal approach. At the same time, we expected most clients to invest the time and resources to customize the widgets to match their own branding. It was a challenge to design with both of these goals in mind.
Anticipating the needs of a variety of users
The clients that use Widgets to power their rewards programs each have their own set of users with distinct needs and characteristics. Some programs are desktop-focused, some mobile-focused, and others balanced between the two. Some clients offer hundreds of rewards to choose from, and others have no rewards at all. As this product has matured, I have constantly had to adjust my assumptions about who the user is and what their needs are.